Delhi has been a keen spectator of the time tides in India. It has had its share of highs and lows in the past, and that is why it is one of the strongest players in the travel games of India. For most people, this city is the focal point for many travel ventures but if you ask us, it is a travel hub in itself. Do you want to enjoy the summits of Delhi travel too? Then, read on and get tantalized by this beauty. Thank us later, maybe?



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    RED FORT – The pride of Mughal Emperors

    Handcrafted to perfection is the red sandstone wonder of Delhi that stands proudly in the Old Delhi province. Serving the royalties for 200 years, this political and ceremonial center of the bygones beautify the images of the Mughal period in India. Its lush green gardens and magnanimous hallways certainly plate the best of the golden history of India to its visitors. The fiestas of this main residence of the emperors of the Mughal dynasty are many. Do you want to blend this hue of the Mughal era in your travel colors too? Then, a visit to this sandstone marvel is all you need.

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    QUTUB MINAR - The emblem of glory

    Do you have a thing for old structures? Yes? Then, you genuinely cannot miss visiting the tallest brick minaret that has ever existed in history. Where? Of course on your Delhi travel. Qutub Minar is a wonder of its own. This beautiful masterpiece stands sturdy in a rustic stone complex in Mehrauli area and oh my! It’s dead-gorgeous. Strolling through the complex, which was once a part of the Delhi Sultanate makes time travel a reality for every visitor here. The mesmerizing aura of its presence connects very well with its visitors and the skills of the unrivaled craftsmanship shown on the minaret leaves everyone in awe.

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    One of the most iconic landmarks of Old Delhi is the largest Mosque of the country- Jama Masjid. With the chitter-chatters on the streets, Jama Masjid is probably the only area in the Old Delhi province where you can go in search of spiritual peace. Trust us; it never fails anyone. This million dollar built shrine which can accommodate over 25,000 people in the courtyard is certainly the ‘World-reflecting Mosque’ as it claims to be. How? Well, for starters, people from all over the world land here in huge numbers. This is one of the last monuments built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, this monument very well showcases his love for red sandstones, white marbles, and of course for God.

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    INDIA GATE – A tribute to the fallen heroes

    The glory of martyrs is impalpable, in whichever country you reside a martyr is always a martyr, don’t you agree? Come, pay tribute to the infinite fire dedicated to the fallen heroes of the World War below a 42 m –high stone memorial. This alluring archway is famous for its limitless buzz and street food. Come here for the amazing cotton candies and boat rides at the nearby artificial lake. Confused about what to do next? Head towards the Connaught place nearby and catch up on your shopping frenzy at some of your famous brands. Either way, make your heart bloom with the travel tales of India.

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    HUMAYUN'S TOMB – The arched façade of Delhi

    A token of love has always been nonpareil and if it is one floating above symmetrical gardens in Persian-Mughal architectural style then, it’s a double bonus. This edifice was built by Humayun’s Persian wife Haji Begum and was the sole inspiration for one of the ‘Wonders Of The World’ Taj Mahal. In spite of following all the strict rules of Islamic geometry, this structure manages to stand out in terms of designs and decorations. The taste of its Mughal ecstasy with the tint of Persian styles will surely refresh you on your Delhi travel. So, just enjoy!

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    JANTAR MANTAR – Astrology and more!

    We all know how India was so ahead in time. With the discovery of zero and unrivaled astronomy, India was the golden bird in the field of research too. Don’t trust us? Then, see that yourself at Jantar Mantar. This complex is an open-air estate with a wide collection of bizarre instruments which are known to measure heaven. A fun fact is that all these instruments work as smoothly as they did in the past but in order to learn their purpose, you will need a skilled guide. So, treat your senses while learning something about the ancient astrology. Isn’t that a deal to seal? Hell, yeah!

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    AGRASEN KI BAOLI –A Spooky Stepwell

    Agrasen ki Baoli is a 60 m long stepwell that is famous for its various features in Indian motion pictures. This three-level stepwell has truckloads of haunting stories engraved within its boundaries to share with its admirers. Dainty walls, small prison-like chambers, and a dark a bottom tick mark all the boxes under the spooky criteria. The sensation of actual thrills will overpower your emotions as soon as you step foot here and we can assure you of that. Excited to be here? Then, a New Delhi trip will be your golden chance because where else will you come across a spooky site near populous urban markets? Nowhere, right? Well, that’s the beauty of Delhi.

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    LODHI GARDENS- The Garden of bliss

    Are you looking for an elite getaway to spend some ‘me-time’? Then, land in a picture-perfect setting amidst the tombs of Mohammed and Sikander Lodhi. The never-ending green carpets, beautiful monuments, and the infinite sky leave a deep impact on whoever visits it. Can anything be more perfect than this? This 900 Acre complex has its own, artificial lake and eight-pierced Athpula bridge from Akbar’s reign. You can spend the entire day coming up with the abundant sprinkles of its stardust, still, it won’t stop showering you with many more. Isn’t that everything you can ask for during sightseeing in Delhi?

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    If you are under time restraints then the best way to capture the essence of Delhi is through a visit to the Hauz Khas Complex. This 13th-Century complex houses an ancient water tank, an Islamic seminary, a mosque, and tombs. Despite of all that, it’s the urban village beside it that makes it the perfect spot to visit in Delhi. The different set of topography available within the complex, including high-low elevations, artificial water lake, dusky pathways, and dainty domes make it a perfect destination for every history buff out there. Even if you are not here for the historical tales, the beautiful backdrop makes this place a surreal mix of facts and fantasies that you will love to capture on your cameras.


Shopping in Delhi can be a tricky affair if you have no idea where to shop. Don’t worry, we have you covered, here are the top places you cannot miss for shopping.


If there is any place where you can see the colors of the rainbow on earth it has to be hands down in Chandni Chowk. From ethnic Indian wears to low price jewelry and to anything that your heart desires, Chandni Chowk will never fail to surprise you. Stroll across its colorful streets and fill your heart with the shining stars of India and if you feel your hunger cravings getting wild, you can always eat at Karim’s.


If there is a wonderland for female shoppers in India it has to be Sarojini Nagar Market for sure. You name it and they will have it. This huge market is everything but disappointment for every shopper-head out there. You can stroll this place for hours and still feel that you left some places untouched. Besides apparel and footwear, you can shop for home décor and spices from this market too. Isn’t that exciting?


If you want to shop at luxury stores, then, Khan market will be the place for you. With cutesy cafés, luxury brand showrooms and street stores, this small yet diverse market will give you a taste of India today. The market is not that huge but the quality stores you will find here will make you feel like you are in a French countryside.



Give a head start to your Saturdays for the private changing of the guard ceremony against the backdrop of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This closed affair invites not more than 200 visitors for the drill. Intriguing, isn’t it?


Sail through the ocean of Sufi music at the Nizamuddin Dargah every Thursday. Be a patron of its devotional music and lose yourself in the stream of placidity. It’s definitely worth your time and even your full-fledged devotion, count us on that.


If you are just traveling to a small part of India don’t worry, Delhi has your back. Come for the shining colors of various part of India at Delhi Haat. Enjoy the best of food, art, and culture from all the states of India and take back a piece of this plush estate with you.


Wear your dancing shoes and dance to the rhythms of Bhangra, Garba and many more dance forms at the two-hour ‘Namaste India’ dance workshops at Delhi Dance Academy. Record yourself dancing with your heart in ethnic Indian costumes, isn’t that totally worth giving a shot?


Varying climatic conditions with hot summers and chilling winters prevail over the state. The mercury shows many variations, and on an average, the state maintains a temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius (73.04 degrees Fahrenheit) in the daytime. If sightseeing is the purpose of your travel, then, the time from October till March will be ideal for you.
So, carry light cotton clothes, sunglasses, hats and water bottles during your visit in summer.
Most of all the summers, the sun can reach up to 47 degrees. Planning on visiting during winters? Then carry some pullovers and shawls for the chilly winter nights.

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