Kathakali exhibitions in Kerala’s capital, Kochi


These backwaters are loaded with numerous little islands that are certain to give you an essential time and completely stunning sustenance. Kochi or Cochin is an Oceanside city with a plenty of grand and excellence fortunes. With the ocean on one side and the Western Ghats on the other, Kochi is the perfect place to begin your Kerala excursion to investigate the compelling vivacity of the place.
Taking on a travel excursion to Kochi means letting you immerse in the beauty of nature in the most propelling way. There are numerous places in Kochi sight-seeing from the museums, sanctuaries, beaches, backwaters, palaces and more.





If you are someone who loves history, this is a place for you to be. Mattancherry is visitor spot in Kochi where Portuguese impact can be seen and specifically the Dutch Palace. Jew Town is another vacation destination of Mattancherry with the synagogue dating from 1568 and while you are at it don’t miss out visiting the exquisite Mattancherry Palace Museum.

Bolghatty and Vypeen Islands

Bolghatty Island is a short boat ride far from territory Kochi and has Bolghatty Palace which is one of the most seasoned existing Dutch castles outside Holland. Bolghatty Palace is currently changed over into a hotel with modern comfort and a beautiful pool to beat the heat up. Plus, you can always enjoy a nice therapeutic Ayurvedic massage to rejuvenate yourself. Sounds like an ideal vocational spot right!

Cherai and Vypeen shoreline

Vypeen Island is another island that is truly prevalent among guests to Kochi and Kerala. Vypeen is additionally the area of Pallipuram Fort which is the most seasoned surviving post in India worked by European pilgrims and was developed in 1503. Near to this is Cherai shoreline which is among the celebrated shorelines in Kerala. A shoreline that is shallow, quiet and is perfect for swimming and sunbathing and is otherwise called Princess of Arabian Sea. How about taking a dip in the sea?

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a beautiful walkway in Ernakulam which has the rainbow connect that has turned into an image of Ernakulam. The Marine Drive was based on the land recovered from backwaters and the underlying arrangement was to manufacture an excellent street along the drift line yet the coastline rules restricted it in view of which the street was changed over to a walkway. Perfect for that long evening stroll with the sun setting on the background! Don’t miss out on a chance to have that romantic long walks.

Kodanad Elephant Training Center

Kodanad Elephant Training Center is a riverside town and has elephants. Watching elephants at a safe distance is an awesome ordeal and all piece of going to a wonderful place like Kerala. You can not only watch the mighty elephants showcasing their skills but you could give them a shower and bath with them. If you are visiting with your kids, make sure to check this place out. It will be such a fun experience for all after all it’s not every day that you get to bathe the elephants.

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