Travel in Rajasthan brings you to the very heart of the royal Shekhawati region – Mandawa. Famous worldwide for “laakh ki chudiyan(bangles)”, Mandawa is a hidden gemstone of the desert state. Adorned with unnerving frescoes, Mandawa Haveli is very much capable of leaving you stunned and speechless. From breathtakingly beautiful bird watching to loading your wrists with world famous “Laakh ki chudiyan” – you’ll be investing in all here! Trust us, it’s not the money that you’re going to be investing. It’ll be that enormous part of your soul that you’ll be investing and leaving behind when you go back. Brace yourselves for the thrill of entering royalty in the ruins



Mandawa Fort – Loftiest of the lot

In all its glory, Mandawa luxuriates you to an open art gallery of a fort. Mandawa Fort is adorned with paintings on the walls that are literally artistic wonders. Don’t believe? See them for yourself. The Medieval aura of the fort is the biggest charm and each room boasts of décor so gorgeous that you’ll be left stunned and wondering about traditional Indian art. Vintage fanatics, are you? The antiques here will mesmerize you.
This Fort turned hotel is magnificent on its own.

Pampering sessions begin!

Even a small visit to this town which is tiny yet opulent in culture is equivalent to traveling in a dreamland of art and more art. The Bazaars aka the market is adorned with endless art specimens by artisans who have so beautifully painted and created this wonder of a town. Well, take some time off from your busy traveling schedule and pamper yourselves to the best of what Mandawa has to offer you. From the breathtakingly impressive artwork of paintings to reliable wooden furniture, you’ll find it all. You deserve a little souvenir if nothing, right?

Goenka Chattri – Art gallery

Unabashedly charming and welcoming Mandawa takes you to places that’ll make imprints on your soul for a lifetime. And if Goenka Chattri isn’t one of them then we don’t know which one is! An open-air art gallery in itself this haveli talks stories of art. The quintessential in painting and wall art this place is bound to mesmerize every traveler and art lover. Every nook and corner reflects the opulence of the bygone era. Get ready to surf through an art timeline if you’re set on checking this place off your list.

Thakurji Temple – Holy Shrine of art

Travel in entire India or even Mandawa for that matter is incomplete without a visit to various shrines and holy temples. Thakurji temple is not just a mere temple. Curious? Well, it is an amalgam of faith, holy worshipping, and art. Mark that, art.
The walls are so beautifully painted and some even depict the crucial Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. This temple stands proudly flaunting to the world the undying faith and love towards God Krishna.

Bansidhar Newatia Haveli

Travel in Mandawa is your fairy tale version of travel in one charming hub of art and culture. Among the many massive havelis, Bansidhar Newatia Haveli is a charming one. The highlights of this haveli are the Wright brothers’ maiden flight and a European making a phone call. Adorned with stunning art representations, this haveli should be a must visit on your bucket list.



Mandawa tour gives you the very essence of incredible India. There’s definitely nothing better than being a part of a major celebration if you are visiting this place at all. January is your time, folks. Talbelia festival will give you the time of your lives. This 4-day event is jam-packed with out of the box musical performances, art exhibition and… and.. and.. gastronomical high.
Caught your attention, didn’t it?? Well, you happy souls, go ahead and make memories. Sway to the rhythm of the music, bang your heads and eat like there’s no tomorrow.


Held in the month of January this festival takes as a parade begins from the mighty Junagadh Fort. The cheers and the wonder on the faces of people will make you want to capture it all through your lenses and keep it safely tucked in your memories for life

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