Travel in Rajasthan hides a hot sandstone town that gives away magical hippie vibes.
Pushkar is a gem in the rough. A spiritual place that is sure to bring tranquility and peace in this fast-moving world to you.
Be it meditating or hopping around to pamper yourself with some hippie stuff, Pushkar travel is sure to satiate every ounce of your thirst. A peaceful version of Varanasi it is and it would be a sin not to make it a pit – stop in your travel to Rajasthan. From camel rides to the glory of religion and endless emotions this town will offer you more than you bargained for. Don’t you worry, you’ll be screaming with happiness by the end of your travel to Pushkar.



The holiest of all – The Pushkar Lake

Travel in Pushkar brings about a plethora of surprises and curiosity quenchers. Pushkar Lake is not just a normal lake according to the firm believers of god. You’ve come to India? So you might as well brace yourselves for endless myths and legends that will blow your mind right away!
It is an understatement to call this lake just a mere lake. The Pushkar Lake is phenomenal and is said to be the gift of a lotus flower that fell off by the hands of Lord Brahma. Athiest or not, we insist you take a dip in the sacred lake. It is said to wash away all of your sins. You might not be buying that, but what’s the harm in a little dip into the water as long as it brings peace to you that you’ve been looking for all this while.
We promise you an eye-opening, tranquil experience.

Home of the deity – The Brahma Temple

Travel in Pushkar is synonymous with peace and tranquillity. And it is next to sin not to visit the magnificent holy temple of Lord Brahma. Situated alongside the sacred Pushkar Lake, this temple is a mesmerizing white marble structure. The roots of the country India are very well experienced through temples and local streets. So forget missing out on this beautiful temple with an iconic pinnacle because we sure are not letting you to. You’d fall in love with this place where thousands of people come to pay homage every day to the deity of creation – Lord Brahma.
A peaceful getaway from the chaos of life is what we have in store for you.

The abode of womanhood - Savitri temple

The rarest of rare temples is what travel in Pushkar has got to offer you. Home to  the divine consort of Lord Brahma, Goddess Savitri, this temple is a sheer beauty perched on the top of the Ratnagiri hills.
We all know how much hiking is in rage and we can bet on the fact that you wouldn’t want to miss out on the hiking towards this holy building of goddess. Don’t fret. We won’t let you gasping for breath. The roads work just as fine.
Put on your best shoes to go hiking for the ultimate salvation and you can thank us later for the view from there is spectacular and one to die for.

Reflecting the royal era - Man Mahal Pushkar

The chances of encountering a gem in the rough skyrocket at the mention of the royal Man Mahal of Pushkar. Travel in Pushkar will make you stand eye to eye with this magnificent and stunning example of royal Rajasthani architectural style. Built as the royal guest house for Raja Man Singh I, this palace is the perfect blend of luxury, royalty, and traditions from the roots. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something so spectacular like this now, will you?
Oh come on, you don’t even need to thank us. We have a pact to show you the iconic gems of Pushkar, don’t we?

They go on forever - Saraswati Temple

The sanctity and the peaceful ambiance of  Saraswati temple appeal to the devotees and people from all over. Travel in Pushkar gives you the luxury to pray and pay homage to the rarest of temples and this temple is one of them. A huge idol of Goddess Saraswati is sure to steal the show.
Be it a writer, an artist or a musician, people worship the goddess of knowledge and art. Isn’t that interesting enough for you to know and to lure you into visiting this sacred temple?
We promise you it is beautiful and will make you want to spend a long time just sitting by for the peace it’ll bring to your heart.

Pop-ups another palace - The Pushkar Palace

Travel in Pushkar is not complete travel unless you add the regal and surreal Pushkar Palace to your bag. The finest epitome of royal Rajasthani architecture, this palace is a supreme class in itself.
Well, you’d be lying if you told us that you did not want a fairy-tale experience. Oh c’mon, who doesn’t? That little child in you craves for it. However, you’ll get much more than that here.
With royalty at your service and adventures like camping and camel safari to your fair share of luxury, you cannot be happier. Aren’t we right?
Come escape from the reality and have a perfect getaway with sights of the spectacular lake, serene Ghats and magnificent temples from this very royal palace turned hotel.

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