From North to South, India has so much to offer that a short trip would never justify your travel. From snow-capped peaks of the north and windy deserts of the west to the tea plantations of the east and the tropical sunsets of the south, you’ll need a lot of breath in store for every sight is going to steal it away from you. Uttar Pradesh being one of the best tourist destinations in North India is an absolute true reflection of Indian history, culture and opulent traditions combined with godliness.



  • agra

    Agra - The historical capital

    From Mughal architecture to richness of the history, Agra will never fail to impress you. Perk? Fatehpur Sikri is just nearby! Take a pit stop, hop on the rickshaws and marvel at the beauty of the Buland Darwaza.

  • varanasi

    Varanasi - Home to almighty

    The mesmerizing holy water of the river Ganges and the ghats with the sound of bells resonating in the air during the “Arti” time. Sounds enchanting? Varanasi will help you discover yourself.

  • sarnath

    Sarnath - Late discovered a gem

    Sarnath is one of the 4 most important pilgrimages for Buddhists. Being the destination for Buddha’s first sermon and later being sacked by the Mughals, this historical wonder if a place shined right through everything for you to come to witness its gems.

  • allahabad

    Allahabad - Lord Brahma’s arrival

    Time your seatbelt for a roller coaster ride through one of the most religious and holy pilgrimages of India. Be it the serene confluence of river Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati or the grand gala celebration of Kumbh Mela, Allahabad has all in its appeal.

  • vrindavan

    Vrindavan - “Hare Krishna

    With colors and hues all around and temples more beautiful than your usual ones enhance the mesmerizing aura of this holy pilgrimage. You’ll thank us for introducing you to this very practical celebration of life that comes with this stunning destination.

  • ayodhya

    Ayodhya – Lord Rama’s Safe Haven

    With monkeys dancing here and there, cows chilling on the roadsides and sound of bells ringing in ears, Ayodhya will take you back in the history and you’ll be fascinated after getting in touch with its roots. Get ready, folks.

  • lucknow

    Lucknow – The grandness of everything

    Dotted with stupefying buildings of the colonial era and wide majestic gates of the forts, the city of Nawabs is an absolute package. Tell your heart to pump calm for its going to be tired pumping madly with the thrill of spectacular gastronomical experiences and war history.


Your travel to the best destination in North India is incomplete without basking in the colors of the festivals celebrated here. The pomp and fever of the gala celebrations are contagious and promise to give you an experience of a lifetime. Choose wisely. Even better? Go live them all.


This 10-day event will take your breath away. Beginning with a royal procession reminiscing the Mughal era, it presents the best of a talented craftsman, musicians, drummers and other folk artists gorgeously dressed with gusto. Get ready to tap your feet and have the time of your life.
Also, hop on a camel or a horse, maybe?


Celebrated annually in the month of February, this festival marks the love and devotion towards the sacred deity, Lord Shiva. Temples all over bloom with positivity and hymns are sung for the deity. Sweets are prepared and it would be a sin if you miss out on the local delicacy, Thandai. Drink it all and lose yourself in the divine moment of holiness.


A delight for art lovers and food connoisseurs, this 10-day festival held annually in the month of November and December is one power-packed celebration. You’ll find everything to appreciate here. From lip-smacking food to uber cool games and performances by celebrities and local dance and music prodigies. All.
You will never want it to end, we promise.


Held in the month of August and September, this fair is a heartthrob for all you out there. The visual delight in the colorful ambiance and temples decorated so beautifully talk about the roots of Hindu Religion and significance of Lord Shiva. It is a treat to the eyes that you shouldn’t miss. Eat, pray and love, folks.


Kumbh Mela plays an integral role in making Uttar Pradesh one of the best destinations in North India. This gigantic mass congregation takes place 4 times in 12 years and people from all walks of life come to dive in the holy rivers of “Sangam”. The faith in freeing oneself from the cycle of life and death is what makes this fair sacred. It is the one thing in the whole country that reflects true religious beliefs of its people and you should very much be a part of it.


Uttar Pradesh is one of the best destinations in North India for a reason. The wide boulevards, the summer sunsets and a myriad culture and traditions make this state unique and mesmerizing. It is basically crowded with tourists all the year round. The climate of Uttar Pradesh ranges in extremes, therefore, the best time to visit the state is in the months from October to March.
Pack your bags and hop on the jet planes and land in incredible India.
You’ll go back with more than a bagful of memories. That’s our promise.

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