Feeling like a royalty never goes out of style and if you happen to be on a Rajasthan adventure, then, we believe that it is an everyday affair. So, giving more fuel to the never-ending palace jaunts in Rajasthan is yet another marvel that is known as one of the most pristine World Heritage Sites in India. After reading the title, you know by now that we are talking about the majestic Amer Fort.

Tucked away from the hubbub of city life, this lofty fort is yet another structure you shouldn’t miss on your iconic India tour. Plus, if you combine it with the eternal Taj Mahal and other amazing structures of Delhi, it makes up for a bedazzling monumental Golden Triangle trip. Well, that’s something you will not want to miss on your India tour, isn’t it?

Amer Fort is one such destination on the India travel map that we wholeheartedly vouch for. Do you want to know why? Then, read this blog till the end to find out what is so arresting about this Rajasthani wonder. Happy reading you all!


Amer Fort is a revered World Heritage Site in India whose history dates back to the 11th century. Contrastingly, the Amer Fort you will see today will be the 16th-century edifice flamboyantly sitting on a hillock. Confused, eh? Don’t be, as this structure shining in Jaipur today was actually built by Raja Man Singh on the ruins of another structure. Now, do you get how they are connected?

Amer Fort is the most strategically planned Fort in all of Rajasthan. No wonder, how it is still standing strong after the numerous war it has seen through the sands of time. However, it took almost two centuries to build the fort. All thanks to the constant efforts of the Rajputana successors. Believe us; they’ve definitely added some beautiful pieces to this architectural marvel.

Amer Fort has a great entourage for its patrons. Still, it’s the myths and legends you should be looking out. Out of which, the myth that Afghan treasures are still resting inside the palace is the best out of the lot and worth giving a shot. Don’t you think?


Amer Fort flamboyantly flaunts an amazing blend of Hindu-Islamic architectural styles. So, it is pretty obvious that the structures you will come across will either be made out of sandstones or ivory-marbles.

Taking a glance over the travel map of Amer Fort you will realize that the fort is divided into four courtyards. Each of these courtyards offers contrasting scenic vistas and structures. So, what are we waiting for, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

1. First Courtyard:

To be honest, the first courtyard is huge! It’s a three level complex with two gates. It houses temples, latticed windows, a stable complex and quarters for horse riders. Entry can be made from either Chandra pol (moon gate) or Sooraj pol (sun gate). Out of these two gates, the sun gate was the preferred gate of the royal family. Still, it’s the Shila Devi Mandir and Suhag Mahal that are the eye-candy of this area.

2. Second Courtyard:

 The second complex isn’t a residential complex like the first one. Rather, it was the royal court for the subjects. The courthouse is beautifully made out of red sandstone with a series of 21 columns. Ganesh pol marks the entrance of this courtroom, which in itself is iconic as in Hindu mythology Ganesha is the demolisher of obstacles

3. Third Courtyard:

The third courtyard was the pleasure ground for royals, which means that it is secluded from the other marvels in the Fort complex. It contains two structures standing sturdy facing each other. One of them is the palace of mirror Sheesh Mahal and the other one is the palace of pleasure Sukh Mahal. The palace of Raja Man Singh and magic flower fresco also co-exist in this courtyard.

4. Fourth Courtyard:

This particular courtyard was dedicated to the queens and women of the palace. Housing many halls that were cleverly separated from one another, the fourth courtyard also harbors Jas Mahal.



Palace of Raja Man Singh

Welcome to the oldest structure of Amer Fort. Here, you will find a pillared pavilion, vibrant frescoes and colored tiles decorating rooms in the brightest shades of yellow. The structure is full of details and aptly justifies it 25 years of construction time.

Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is the Kohinoor of Amer Fort that practically shines with the slightest spark. This mirror palace shows the excellence of architecture of ancient India which needs to be put on the world travel map.

Sheesh Mahal was basically a winter resort for the royals as the reflections from the mirrors kept the palace warm. As a result of which, the walls and the ceiling here in Sheesh Mahal are made up of pure glass so that the purpose of the palace is practically and aesthetically feasible.

Shila Devi Mandir

The aura of Shila Devi temple is magnetic. This small but beautiful temple on the premises of the first courtyard gives out a unique vibration that is felt by many. The deity of this temple is Goddess Kali who is known to destroy all evil in the world,

There are many mixed legends attached to this temple. Out of which, the one where the deity asks King Man Singh to rescue her from the sea in Bengal seems to be the most popular one. So, if you are someone who loves a spiritual twist to an architectural wonder, then, you should definitely add this monument to your list.



Amer Fort finds its grounds 11 km from Jaipur on a secluded high hill of Aravalli range. Situated near the town of Amer looking over the very tranquil Maota Lake, Amer Fort looks like the creation of the divine. Although, Amer Fort is approximately 20 minutes drive eastwards from Jaipur, knowing the right transport helps you big time. So, here are the few ways in which you can reach Amber Fort:

1. Buses

Inter-state buses are saviors if you are under budget. Although, you will have to adjust with the local crowd and chaos, traveling from a bus will only cost you a dime. Just board any frequently moving bus from Hawa Mahal and in INR 15 to 20 you will reach your destination.

2. Rickshaw

Do you want a more personalized experience? Then, how about enjoying a tuk-tuk ride all the way to Amer Fort entrance? Doesn’t this sound like a perfect plan if you aren’t on a budget? Yes, it does, so, go splurge on comfort.

3. Taxi

Taxi ride to Amer Fort is the most elite options on our list. It does cost much more than the other two options. Still, if you are someone who puts comfort over money, you will love your air-conditioned ride to Amer Fort.


Paying homage to Amer fort is apparently of the best things to do in Jaipur. However, do you know what to do and try after you enter its premises? No? Then, here are the top things to do in Amer Fort:

1. Kickstart your Amer adventure on Elephant back.

Fulfill your India travel fantasy by riding on an elephant back. Embrace the royalty in you and reach the fort like the rulers of yesteryears. Understanding their virtues will be easier from here, trust us on that.

Note: The elephant ride ends in the afternoon. Make sure to plan it before that.

2. Step a little closer to history at the museums of this lofty fort in India.

Turn back time by visualizing the lifestyle of the royal bygones. Enjoy the charms of the royal treasure trove with collections as pristine as jewels and as quirky as turbans.

3. Drench in the cultural ecstasy of this majestic fort.

Enjoy light shows, classical dance performances at Sukh Mahal, puppets shows, traditional songs and what not in the vicinity of the fort. Give more to your inner culture-vulture fellas!

Note: Tickets for the same will be available only offline in the fort premises.

4. Eat from the regal food palette inside the fort.

Gorge on some finger licking good delicacies at Surabhi restaurant. Enjoy not only the flavors of Rajasthan but also of the other regions of India too.

5. Go religious at the various temples in the fort.

Just enjoy their existence and placement at different parts of the fort. Stay focused, let’s see if you are able to catch its pattern or not!

Note: Make a mandatory visit to Shila Devi Temple.

6. Enjoy the scenic as well as architectural delights.

Well, this is no biggie as there is no shortage of scenic views here in Amer fortSo, do add them to your things to do in India list.



October- March

Amer Fort is a prized possession of the Rajasthan’s forts and palaces in Jaipur. So, it comes as no surprise that the best time to pay it a visit is during the winter months. You can easily save yourself from the scorching summer heat of this desert state for starters during this time. Also, exploring the palace will be quite easy when accompanied by the chilling winter breeze, don’t you think?


  1. Amer Fort functions from 9 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening.
  2. Will you be checking in for the elephant ride? Then, that will be available from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.
  3. Are you interested in the light show? Then, there are two timings as per your preferred language. For English, the show starts at 7:30 pm and for Hindi, the show starts at 8:00 pm.


Now that you have basic information about Amer Fort it’s time to talk money. Don’t worry; a visit to the fort won’t cost you a fortune, but yes, you will need to keep the following amount in hand.

  1. Foreigner – INR 500 per person
  2. Indians- INR 100 per person
  3. Light Show(English) – INR 200 per person
  4. Light Show(Hindi) – INR 100 per person
  5. Elephant Ride – INR 1200 for two people


 Now that everything is crystal clear it’s time to discuss the real deal, which is buying the tickets. Well, there are two ways to buy tickets for Amer Fort, online and offline.


If you are opting for offline purchase, then, the ticket counter will be available in Jaleb Chowk courtyard opposite to Suraj Pol. From here you can purchase the tickets for the fort and also, can hire a local guide or an audio guide.

Are you planning on staying for the light show? Then, tickets for the same will be available at the fort, JantarMantar, and Albert Hall Museum.

Note: If you are planning on buying the ticket at the fort, make sure you reach the counter an hour before to avoid the chaos.


Can’t handle the heat and crowd of ticket counters? Then, book your tickets online. Just log on tohttp://www.bookrajmonuments.in/ and book your tickets in advance. A little birdy told us that there is a perk in booking online. What’s that you ask? Well, now you can book yourself a composite ticket that will work for many monuments in the city.

So, instead of paying a handsome amount alone for Amber fort you can now visit Amber Palace, JantarMantar (Observatory), Hawa Mahal. Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Isarlat, Sisodia Rani Garden, Vidyadhar garden at a discounted price! Woohoo!

Note: Want to avoid the fuss of roaming around the city and booking tickets? Then, it’s better to plan an iconic tour via a travel agency that will help you plan this trip. How about giving The Grand Indian Route a chance? We are forever ready to help. So, why not request a quote for India Rajasthan tour, eh?


Now that you know almost everything about Amer Fort, it’s time for us to give you some valuable insights. Besides the essential India travel tips that we’ve already covered earlier, we believe some exclusive tips for Amer Fort will help you big time. So, here you go.

 If you plan on visiting all the famous monuments of Jaipur, then it’s better to get a combined ticket online. It’s cheap and cuts down the hassle of booking individual tickets.

  1. Traveling up to Amer Fort can be done in three ways. Either you can hire a jeep or scooter, on an elephant back or on foot. Although the guides here will suggest elephant rides as it earns them maximum profit, keeps your mind open for other options as well. If you are thinking of traveling it on foot so it will take you about 30 minutes to reach the fort.
  2. Are you traveling via jeep? Then, make sure you ask your driver to stop at Panna MeenaKund which is a 16th-century reservoir.
  3. Carry water with you at all times. The fort is humongous and staying hydrated will always help you big during exploration.
  4. We highly recommend you to hire a car and a bike to enjoy all the hidden charms of this structure.


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