Changing terrains, music in the background, rolled down windows and wind brushing against your face.

It’s right to say that every road trip is a godsend pleasure.

However, when this experience is wrapped around famous touristy destinations like that of Rajasthan, the fun doubles and so do the smiles.

So, here we are with another of the amazing road trips that will invoke some serious wanderlust in you.

Let’s see what our Jaipur to Jodhpur road trip has in store for you.


  1. Reveling in the pink paradise, Jaipur, while paying homage to its marvels.
  2. Learning survival techniques from the ancient inhabitants of Rusirani Village.
  3. Catching on the lens, the royal beast of India at Sawai Madhopur.
  4. Letting your adrenaline go crazy on a camelback in Pushkar.
  5. Visiting the aspiring Wonder of the World: Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex.
  6. Getting a hand on the artistic skills of the artisans of Chandelao Garh.
  7. Learning a sustainable way to live from the Bishnoi tribe at Bishnoi Village.
  8. Capturing the might of Rajasthan at the blue enigma Jodhpur.

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Places between Jaipur and Jodhpur to add on your list:


Here is your perfect itinerary for Jaipur to Jodhpur road trip:

  1. Jaipur- 0 km ( Starting point)
  2. Rusirani village – 113 km
  3. Sawai Madhopur- 175 km
  4. Pushkar – 249 km
  5. Ranakpur Jain Temples- 271km
  6. Chandelao Garh – 192 km
  7. Bishnoi Village – 42 km
  8. Jodhpur – 21 km (ending point)

Total Distance: 1063km

Jaipur - gateway to royal India


The gateway to the cheerful land of color and heritage, enthralling Jaipur is a sea of palace windows brimming in the glory of yesteryears.

India’s first planned city and one of the three corners of the golden triangle trip.

Jaipur is definitely a keeper on any India trip.

This bustling city, which now is metropolitan has an old-world charm to it with a plethora of travel themes for travelers to enjoy.

Covered in the shades of pink, this city represents hospitality, and serves what it promises.

What to do?

  1. Learning Block Painting at Studio Bagru.
  2. Hot air ballooning over the city.
  3. Taking an elephant safari to Amer Fort.
  4. Visiting the Elephant Haven Elephantastic.
  5. Visiting the hand printing museum Anokhi.

What to see?

  1. The crown-shaped Hawa Mahal.
  2. Mighty Amer Fort/ Amber Fort.
  3. Whimsical City Palace
  4. Alluring Nahargarh Fort
  5. Amazing Jantar Mantar

Rusirani Village - the time capsule


Village tourism in Rajasthan brings to you a village experience laden with rural charms and age-old history.

Rusirani Village is a pearl in the ocean of over-the-top destinations and a place where culture is incubated in time.

Isolated from the world, this destination offers a very real encounter with the rural folks who despite their hardships take pride in their culture.

A trip here revolves around its humble and heartwarming community, their struggles and their zeal to fight against all odds.

So, if you love an authentic cultural experience, this is it!.

What to do?

  1. Interacting with the villagers and learning their view on life.
  2. Cooking with the village ladies and munching on some lip-smacking delicacies.
  3. Spending the night without any amenities counting stars and talking with the villagers.

What to see?

  1. Shiva temple (now in ruins) built by the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
  2. Areas of Sariska National Park.

Sawai Madhopur - roaring Rajasthan


Home of the royal beast of India, Sawai Madhopur is the wildlife wonderland with monochromatic jungles.

Famous for the Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur offers a wide range of opportunities for real travel buffs, adventure junkies and cultural fanatics alike.

Prevalent for its new UNESCO World Heritage site, Ranthambore Fort, this destination brews a unique concoction of history and wildlife.

If you plan on seeing some elusive tigers and other animals found here including chinkara, sambhar, cheetah and over 300 species of birds.

Then adding this place to your Jaipur to Jodhpur road trip itinerary is highly recommended.

What to do?

  1. Taking the jungle safari to see the Great Bengal Tiger.
  2. Learning Rajasthan’s art and culture from its roots Shilpgram.

What to see?

  1. The beautiful Ranthambore Fort
  2. Khandar Fort.
  3. Hathi Bhata
  4. Sunehri Kothi

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Pushkar - the spiritual haven

holy places

Named after Brahma’s flower that is believed to have created the Pushkar Lake.

Pushkar is a stepping stone into the spiritual domain of India. It is in fact the only place on the planet where you will find a shrine dedicated to the creator Brahma.

For Hindu devotees, a trip to Pushkar is pivotal in order to attain salvation.

That’s why this town is always flooded with devotees all year round.

Although, it is very touristy (like all of Rajasthan) it has a sense of peace to it which is quite rare.

Stories of Hinduism can be clearly heard and seen in every nook and cranny of this tinseltown.

However, despite the overpowering Hindu trinkets, it is actually Pushkar’s scent that’s much acclaimed.

So much so that now Pushkar is famous as the “rose garden of Rajasthan”.

What to do?

  1. Sitting by the tranquil Pushkar Lake reflecting on life.
  2. Enjoying a camelback ride on a Camel Safari.
  3. Taking part in the revered Pushkar Camel Fair.
  4. Learning Nagara at Gangaur Ghat.

What to see?

  1. Pushkar Lake
  2. Brahma Temple
  3. Varaha Temple
  4. Ratnagiri Hill

Ranakpur Jain Temples - craftsmanship at its best!


Ranakpur Jain Temple Complex, the very epitome of faith and devotion is next on our list.

A strong contender for a place on the Wonder of the World list, Ranakpur Jain Temple is an unrivaled masterpiece that took over 50 years to complete.

This temple is a chaumukha (four faced) representing all the directions god’s looks upon.

A perfect place for pictures and enjoying Jainism, Ranakpur is a must add on this trip.

What to do?

  1. Seeing the pillar Carvings.
  2. Visiting the nearby Kumbhalgarh Fort.

What to see?

  1. Kalpavriksha
  2. Man with five bodies
  3. Sculpture of Parshvanatha
  4. Elephant structures

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Chandelao Garh - the rural paradise


Another village experience coming right up!

Chandelao Garh is another one of the rural paradises that offers a heritage stay in the ancestral homes of the landowners from the area.

Best known for its fiercely independent people, their colorful attires, handicrafts and the traditional way of life, Chandelao Garh is a treat in every shape and form.

This is a period destination that will bring you a step closer to Rajasthan.

What to do?

  1. Bird watching
  2. Jeep Safari in the village.
  3. Camel Rides
  4. Ayurvedic Massages
  5. Learn sewing and embroidery with the ladies of Chandelao.
  6. Doing some volunteer social work like teaching English.

What to see?

  1. Local craft centre
  2. Bazaar of Pipar

Bishnoi Village - the abode of naturalists


Weaving an entirely different narrative of Rajasthan are the pastures neighbouring the Khejri Forest somewhere around Jodhpur.

Here resides the naturalist tribe Bishnoi, who with their primitive way of living have given travelers a new virtue of life.

Festooned by age-old customs revolved around nature, a trip here is a dive deep into the sands of time.

The Bishnois are staunch worshippers of nature in all its forms.

They even pray to the green trees and animals that inhabit their land, making their land a hotspot for seeing exotic species of flora and fauna.

What to do?

  1. Weaving a few threads on a carpet and buying the same at reasonable prices at the weaver village.
  2. Trying your hand in pottery in potters village.
  3. Enjoying bird watching sessions and nature walks.
  4. Taking a camel safari around the village.

What to see?

  1. Guda Bishnoi lake: the hotspot of migratory birds

Jodhpur - the blue enigma


On the foothills of Mighty Mehrangarh Fort, is the Blue City of Jodhpur.

With cultural facets and indigo blue brahmin houses, this ancient settlement is one of the best destinations of Rajasthan.

This blue city comes with no blues as every day is no less than a festival here. Unwind here to the bustling bazaars and golden sands.

What to do?

  1. Desert Safari on the backseat of a jeep.
  2. Participating in the traditional Opium ceremony.
  3. Dining at Pal Haveli

What to see?

  1. Mehrangarh Fort
  2. Jaswant Thada
  3. Umaid Bhawan Palace

Best time to take Jaipur to Jodhpur Road Trip

October to March is preferably the best time to take Jaipur to Jodhpur Road trip.

The pleasant wintery ambiance in these months helps to tick off all the bucket list items.

During winters the temperature in these regions, the mercury can go as low as 7 degrees Celsius and doesn’t rise above 25 degrees.

This makes this time perfect for sightseeing and other recreational activities.

However, if you are a solo or budget traveler, we would recommend the monsoon months (July- Sept) as the region doesn’t receive moderate rainfall during this time.

Planning on visiting Rajasthan this summer?

Well, then let us tell you that the summers in Jodhpur are dry with high temperatures. If you can handle the heat then one thing is for sure that tiger spotting won’t be a problem.


What are the other places you can visit between Jaipur and Jodhpur?


In this blog, we covered the majority of the places you can see between Jaipur and Jodhpur. However, there are a few pit stops you can add in case you are venturing into this road trip.

  1. Bhangarh Fort: Believed to be haunted by more than 100 spirits, Bhangarh Fort (now in ruins) is also another great destination on your road trip. You can visit it en route Rusirani Village.
  2. Ajmer: If you have an affinity towards Mughal architectural styles, Ajmer will be another place you can add on your itinerary. To visit it take a little detour on your way to Pushkar.
  3. Dilwara Temples: Have a thing for spirituality and age-old architecture? Then, this place will be a win for you. Visit it on your route to Ranakpur Temples.
  4. Kumbhalgarh: With a fort wall that’s second to the Great Wall of China, Kumbhalgarh is another marvelous structure you can visit not too far away from Ranakpur.

What are some tips for Jaipur to Jodhpur Road trip?

Here are a few tips:

While Planning the road trip. 


  1. Destinations on our suggested road trip can be covered both on cars and bikes both, depending upon what you prefer. If in case you are high on budget you should book an RV to make this trip more memorable.
  2. If you are travelling in the peak season, make sure you make the booking at least 2-3 months prior to your visit. To be honest we would suggest you to travel during the off-season to go a little easier on your pockets for food and lodging both. Also make sure it has parking as well.
  3. Make full use of Google maps to find the phone number of mechanics before you start your journey. Maintain a hard copy of this list in case of any emergency. You can also make another list of the phone numbers of hospitals as well.
  4. Pack all the essentials along with a checklist for that particular season. Don’t forget that Rajasthan is the master of extreme climates, so, be prepared for what is to come.

On-road tips:

two lady

  1. Make sure you have your tank full before starting with the day. Although petrol pumps are graciously sprinkled all over Rajasthan, there can be times when you’ll not be able to find one especially while traveling to rural areas.
  2. As delectable as the cuisine is in Rajasthan, you may find it a little greasy and stomach-churning. Make sure you carry antacids with you to help you fight it.
  3. Keep a handsome amount of cash with you and preferably change.
  4. In Rajasthan, GPS won’t always be your friend. Sometimes, in order to avoid congestion, the GPS will take you from a different route which can either be longer or more problematic. And, losing signals and ending on a narrow street are two of its major downsides. So make sure you have a hard copy of your map and route.
  5. Treat everyone with a smile and “Khamba Ghani” which means “hello”.


Feels like a lot to handle? Then, why don’t you plan this trip with us? We promise that we’ll make this road trip a memory to cherish. So, how about requesting a quote, eh? 

Tips for your health:


  1. Stay hydrated. Drinking ample water should be your priority in Rajasthan. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be environmentally friendly. Pack a hydrating flask with you as an accessory and keep on filling at the local shacks.

              On a side note: water in Rajasthan is a little sweet. You’ll get used to it.

            2.Traveling in the summer? Then,consume a lot of salt. That’s because the body loses a lot of                           potassium and sodium while sweating. It can decrease your water retention capacity and harm you in the long run.


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