Pushkar Mela Rajasthan - Everything You Need To Know

Imagine waking up to the rising crimson sun and the peaceful sound of the water gushing against the wind and the cacophony of people over the ghats.

Feels tranquil?

Well, that is the very reflection of the mornings during Pushkar Camel Fair. Wondering what is it?

To be honest, one needs to know everything about this annual extravaganza to justify their travel to India. After all, not every day something so vibrant, colossal, and significant happens as it does on Pushkar camel fair tour.

Brace yourself for you’ll be blown by the glimpse of this annual fair that is nothing short of a reminiscent of our opulent and golden past.

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We promise to let you in on every little happening part of this wonderful town.

Oh, camel fair! When do you bless us?

camel fair

Bring out your calendars and mark the month. November it is folks. Pushkar Camel fair 2020 is going to be huge, colossal, massive and everything magnificent. Moreover, It’s an auspicious time of Kartik Purnima Or a full moon night.

Therefore, nothing can go wrong, right?

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The glorious cattle and camel fair awaits you with twice the enthusiasm that you hold for them amidst the colors and lively aura of the Pushkar Mela 2019.

Why, oh, why? Why do you happen?


Pushkar camel fair has been happening and changing the lives of people for decades now. You know what’s the best part? It happened as a chance to establish a business, to make trades between the cattle herders but what came out of it was a spectacular blend of everything magical.

This multi-day carnival breathes happiness and colors into the lives of the people attending it. Pushkar Mela Rajasthan dates will be out in the coming year. Can’t wait, right?

How art thou, Pushkar Camel fair?

art thou, Pushkar Camel fair

Well, if we come to describing how it looks to the eyes of the beholder we will undoubtedly fall short of words. Pushkar Mela attractions are something out of the world. Believe us, you.

It’s a party state of mind, it is colored everywhere, it is vibrancy all around, and the carnival is nothing short of a miracle. A sensory overload of sight, taste and smell will overpower you. Book Rajasthan tour packages from Jaipur to land into this magical celebration.

You like camels, don’t you?


You’re in for a massive eye treat in Pushkar Mela Ajmer. Turn around a corner and you’ll find a camel carnival going on with camels decked up so royally that you’ll want to dance to the rhythm of the folk music being played all around. Yes, that’s one of the most charming things to see in Pushkar Mela.

Not to finish telling about more, Mystics, travelers, herders, photographers, and devotees swarm in the Pushkar camel fair to experience a celebration of a lifetime. Be that as it may, your heart wants it all. You know it.

A little bit of fun and games?

fun and games

It’s all fun and games and what better way is there to be a part of it all than to attend the Pushkar camel fair. Attraction during Pushkar Mela is very capable of giving you a never experienced adrenaline rush. Bustling with energy and positivity, this extravaganza is a testimony of the larger-than-life attitude and celebrations that India feels proud of hosting.

Indulge in the bizarre games and frolicking hosted by RTDC.

The snake charmers, bearded men, and kids balancing on wires and poles will take the limelight while you fight for the tickets.

Furthermore, don’t you miss out on the games and competition going on.

As bizarre as it sounds, there are competitions like rewarding the man with the longest mustache.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Moreover, there’s always the authentic folk music and beats to keep your feet tapping and faces smiling.

Could you really ask for more?

Let’s talk about spirituality, shall we?


In the middle of all the pomp and fervor we missed telling you about the one thing that Pushkar Camel fair is so famous for. Come on, grill your minds a little more, maybe?

Yep, damn right it’s spirituality.

Brace yourself for a colossal view of thousands of devotees taking holy dips in the lake by the ghats.

Furthermore, get ready to be enchanted by a thousand lit candles by the ghats giving the evening a mesmerizing feel. The evening Arti will give you an odd sense of contentment and comfort that every moment right there will be etched into your memories for a lifetime.

Don’t believe us?

You will.

Oh, and by the way, you have got to indulge yourself in Pushkar Street photography. It’s the magic of this vibrant place that makes it the perfect destination for camera hoarders.

Gypsy state of mind!

Gypsy state of mind

How about some terrific crazy time with gypsies in the Pushkar Camel Mela 2020?

Get yourself bedazzled with henna all over your palms by the gypsies around. They sure love doing that, let us tell you. Yes, they are one of the most popular attractions during Pushkar Mela.

Also, while you are letting them mesmerize you with their raw and bizarre energy, why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the colorful mandala-like sheets and marvel at the Ferris wheel running round and round up in the dusky sky?

Pushkar camel fair is such a crazy package of colors and energy that you’re bound to get high on the happiness and trance. Did we convince you to buy the popular Ajmer Pushkar fair tour packages already?

You’ll thank us later for sure.20

Deep in the games!

To be honest, we can’t wait to let you in on every tiny detail about the kind of rollicking games you’ll get to be a part of in this colossal celebration. Camel race in Pushkar is the show stopper. Well, that goes without saying, now doesn’t it?

Pushkar camel fair hosts some out of the box, yet super fun games for the travelers from all walks of life.

Be that as it may, you better learn how to tie turbans for you’ll be given a prize if you do so.

Of course, you don’t want to just sit by the camels and exhaust yourself in the heat of the dunes, now do you?

Play on!

Flock to the Mela ground and get yourself ready to play and have the time of your life.

If tying a turban wasn’t enough, you have got to tap your foot and dance on the Rajasthani tunes to bring the glory of winning.

Ah, we went a little overboard with the grand words, didn’t we?

In fact, Pushkar camel fair is just as grand, we promise.

Oh, how can we forget the tugs-of-war that are going to make every foreigner and Indian compete to establish love and merrymaking.

Strangely enough, we warn you to be ready for some grounded Kabaddi sessions too.

Be that as it may, channel your inner creative energy too for you’re going to be decorating these lovely, humped creatures called as camels.

Well, it’s all about fun and games, isn’t it?

Maybe a little photography too? Photography tours In India are proudly some of the most successful ones that happen here. So, sign for Pushkar Mela photography tours soonish!



Ah well, is a trip to incredible India ever complete without some money splurging and pampering sessions?

Moreover, it’s Rajasthan, you guys! First thing first, book your Delhi to Pushkar tour already so that you witness the magic we’re talking about and will be talking about forever.

The handicrafts and the stalls displaying some more than beautiful footwear and outfits will steal your heart and we cannot guarantee if you’ll get back without spending some crazy money.

The talented artists showcase their gorgeous handicrafts to mesmerize you with their beauty.

The vivid colors and such a happy ambience only add up to the charm of the Pushkar camel fair.

Come on, let our Rajasthan itinerary lure you into booking your tickets to this ultimate gala fest of a lifetime.

We will make sure you get the best of everything.

Hitting the shutter!

Hitting the shutter

Be that as it may, it’s an understatement to say that Pushkar camel fair is just great for the photographers. As a matter of fact, it is pure bliss and a ticket to heaven for those who worship hitting the shutters.

From portraits to landscapes, the colors will only enhance your photographs if you plan on clicking at all.

We desperately want you to march on this super incredible Pushkar Camel fair photography tour because we’d love it if you take back an essence of this happy vibrant India with yourself.

Of course, our jeweled and decked up camels are pro at posing.

And let us tell you, so are our bright turban-wearing men and fearless snake charmers.

And if that wasn’t enough, let the night time sky hypnotize you with its sensual show of the galaxy.

Ah, we caught your attention, didn’t we?

Let us prepare you, shall we?

Let us prepare you

It’s a madhouse, let us warn you. With the bustling crowd and a sweet colorful chaos all around, it’s imperative that you prepare yourself fully before you march head-on into this mad gala.

For starters go way before the fair officially begins to sprinkle its magic. The things to see in Pushkar are endless and everything else overwhelming.

The crowd will be maddening later.

Moreover, early hitting will give you a vast expanse of the spectacular desert to roam about in all its tent dotted glory.

Furthermore, it’s going to be a cakewalk if you go in groups.

Wondering why?

Well, being the second largest and the second most happening fair India, the prices of everything ranging from stays to goods will be sky high.

As a matter of fact, Being in a group will help you bargain decently.

In addition, steer clear of the scams!

A lot of scam artists in the Pushkar camel fair con you into splurging money more than it is needed.

Beware, folks!

It’s Rajasthan, it’s hot!

Carry your water bottles all the time, stay hydrated, lovelies. Also, don’t forget to wrap yourself in the best of cotton clothes.

See? We care for you.

So that was your ultimate travel guide for when you drown in the colors and life of the Pushkar camel fair.

We hope you’ll come to us to make this journey the best one in your entire lifetime.

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