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Are you planning a trip to Rajasthan ??

However, tired of browsing the same old places you’ve seen and heard of a million times?

If that’s a yes, then you’ve landed at the right place mate!

We understand your search for a destination that isn’t already plastered all over social media.

No doubt, destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer are drop-dead gorgeous. But, there are a plethora of other fantastic places in Rajasthan that deserve your attention too. That’s why we’ve compiled for you a list of places in Rajasthan that are undiscovered, untouched and of course beautiful.

We promise that this Rajasthan off the beaten track list will render you some authentic gems of this princely state.

With this list, we will tell you, where to go in Rajasthan and what to do in Rajasthan if you love unconventional travelling.

So enjoy the read!

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1. Pamper you inner aesthete in Ranakpur

aesthete in Ranakpur

Not everywhere on earth you can find a potential Wonder of the World candidate in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Uniquely, in Rajasthan, you can.

Built with 1444 carved pillars, each different from the other, Ranakpur Jain Temple is the off-the-beaten-track Mecca in Rajasthan.

It’s grand, it’s beautiful and it’s quintessential Indian.

We don’t think we need to say more; however, for your curiosity let’s jot down what you will see here.

If you add this place to your travel itinerary, you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing 29 intricately crafted halls, 80 magnanimous domes and a Chaturmukh temple.

In Ranapur, you will witness the power of devotion that has no religious boundaries. In the gist of which, you’ll come across many murals and carvings that will profess bigger truths of life.

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2. Living in a real lifetime capsule at Rusirani

capsule at Rusirani

Do you have an appetite for village walks?

Do you prefer learning culture from its roots rather than experiencing a whitewashed version of it?

If that’s a yes, then Rusirani should have a place on your travel checklist.

Rusirani is a Jaipur off the beaten track destination.

Incubated in time and untouched by the glitz of the modern world, Rusirani is a village that will give you the feels you’ve been looking for from our title “Rajasthan off-the-beaten-track”. The village is 2000 years old and is remotely accessible, making it a time capsule for customs and traditions.

And, if you fancy such an experience, then, needless to say, you’ve hit a jackpot.

Cooking with the ladies on a coal stove, learning their primitive lifestyle and exploring ruins from the period of Mahabharata (Indian epic) is basically what you’ll be engaging in on a trip here. The USP of this village tour is that it is run by the community for the community.

So, you can expect this ordeal to be authentic in every way possible. Also, along the way you’ll help these villagers build a better tomorrow. Isn’t that a win-win?

Want to learn more about Rusirani? Here you go!

3. Redefine luxury in Narlai

3. Redefine luxury in Narlai

Offbeat and Luxury, two words that do not sit well have a redefined meaning in the village of Narlai.

Widely famous for its heritage stay and leopard spotting experiences. A trip to Narlai is a godsend pleasure that not many people know about.

Candlelit dinners by the ancient stepwell, hiking to the elephant hill, and exploring ancient caves are some of the many experiences that Narlai offers.

However, you have to have an appetite for rural travel to enjoy this place to its full potential.

If you do, then, you’ll have a blast, take our word on that.

Need more? Here is everything you need to know about Narlai.

4. See Leopards that inhabit caves in Bera


Compiling this list without mentioning the leopard spotting capital of the world is a sin.

And we, do not wish to commit it

If you have a wildlife adventure in mind while thinking about Rajasthan off the beaten track, then, this is it. However, there is a twist. For this wildlife expedition, you won’t be venturing into a National Park.

Nope! Contrastingly, you’ll visit a village where humans and leopards share the same ecosystem.

They exist together without entering one another’s boundaries. And, this is why we have this place on our list.

In Bera, you’ll get to live in a castle, go on leopard seeing adventures and have your evening-tea by the dam watching birds.

As if this wasn’t enough, you will also get to meet the Rabari tribe, spend a day with them and be a guest of the many hill temples of this village.

Want to know more? Learn everything on Bera here.

5. Learning sustainability from the naturalists of Bishnoi Village

Learning sustainability

There is a saying in Rajasthan, “ If you are a hunter, make sure you never cross paths with a Bishnoi while hunting”. You can easily infer from the above how passionate these Bishnoi folks are about Mother Nature.

What you don’t know is that they can even sacrifice their own lives to save a single tree.

Why are we telling you this? This is what our next unconventional adventure is all about.

Bishnoi Village Safari is a tour across the 5 Bishnoi villages, mainly Jodhpur off the beaten track.

If you add this destination to your travel itinerary you’ll learn a primitive lifestyle and many customs that revolve around Mother Nature.

You’ll learn about the 29 rules of their lives, see how they function as a community and get your hands on some amazing handicrafts.

In addition to this, you will also get the chance to help make these handicrafts and eat delectable authentic Rajasthani food.

Craving for more information on Bishnoi Village? Here you go.

6.Sauntering down the great wall of Kumbhalgarh

great wall of Kumbhalgarh

You must be thinking, what is another fort of Rajasthan doing on this list? We get your concern but hear us out. Despite its loftiness, Kumbhalgarh never gets the credit it deserves.

This massive fort is one of the few marvels in Rajasthan that’s always in the background. Not any more!

Let us tell you why you need this place on your Rajasthan Itinerary or on your Udaipur to Jodhpur road trip.

One, it’s second in line for the title of the Great Wall.

Some people even call this fort the descendant of the Great Wall in China.

Second, there are a lot of myths and stories attached with this fort. Hearing them while exploring the outlandish designs of medieval artisans in this fort is an unpalatable delight.

Third, Kumbhalgarh is one of the biggest forts in Rajasthan. History has it, many Rajputs used it as a strategic hideout in war as no one could ever penetrate its wall. If these reasons weren’t enough, let us also tell you that the rooftop of this fort accord some serious scenic pleasures.

Plus, there is a huge temple inside the fort surrounded by myths and tales as well.

Now did it impress you? Then, learn about how you can visit this place on a scenic road trip.

7. Marvelling at the frescos of Mandawa

Marvelling at the frescos of Mandawa

Does your heart beat for art? Amazing then!

Because we have for you the largest open art gallery in the world – Mandawa.

This little town of Shekhawati region is home to the Fresco Havelis of Rajasthan.

Built by merchants of the 18th century, these ornately decorated residences are the next best thing to visit on your off the beaten track venture.

Do you want to know what is the best part about Mandawa?

The frescoes in the Havelis range from Hindu deities to technology and whatever was famous in that era. So, you’ll always have something to look at, no matter in which direction you pan.

Shutterbug alert! Mandawa is also famous as the Bollywood of Rajasthan. That’s because many blockbuster movies were shot in this town.

So, you can imagine how beautiful of a backdrop these Havelis will become for your gram.

Want a detailed guide to this place? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Read about Mandawa here. We also have an itinerary revolving around it, have a look.

8. Living in luxury at Chandelao Garh

 Chandelao Garh

Does your idea of a perfect holiday revolve around relaxing, unwinding and connecting with life? Then a stay in Rajasthan’s Chandelao village will make your off the beaten track dreams come true.

However, if you think this experience will anywhere be near to a homestay, you are mistaken.

Chandelao Garh is a luxurious getaway that blooms and shines in its roots.

It’s an advocate of community-based tourism, giving it the credibility of an authentic experience.

In Chandelao Garh the best thing that will come your way will be learning a traditional art form.

Other than that, enjoying the luxury of the Garh, visiting block painter’s village, sipping tea by the lake and hearing chirps of birds instead of horns will be some of the reasons for you wanting to visit again.

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9. Get the heebie-jeebies at Kuldhara


Unlike ruins, ghost towns have always been a window that peeks into the lives of its inhabitants. It gives you a glimpse of what could’ve been if things went right.

Kuldhara is one such window that peeks into the lifestyle of ancient Rajasthanis.`

With the balmy ambience and monochrome terrain, this ghost town has an eerie feel to it.

Some say it’s because of a famous legend that infers that it is haunted.

On the other hand, many believe it’s just the location, which can be a reason for its abandonment.

A trip here revolves around seeing the whole settlement; driving through the boulevards that’s filled with the cluster of houses and a temple.

Love reading about spooky places? We have a list about the haunted places in India. Have a look.

10. Bask in the sky show of Bharatpur


Fancy watching over a plethora of birds on the backseat of a rickshaw? Then, make sure you make your way to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary on your Rajasthan off the beaten track.

Part of the UNESCO acclaimed Heritage Site list, the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful escape.

Here, you can spend time with endangered Siberian cranes,open-bill, painted stork, egret, darter, white ibis, spoonbill, and many other bird species.

If you are planning to give this place a visit, then plan a stay around November and January.

That’s because, during this time, there is a grand bird-show up in the sky.

It is that bizarrely brilliant experience that’s calling you out for a run. Won’t you give it a shot? If you think you will, book your tickets now!

11. Rock in the cradle of architecture in Bundi


Imagine a town with all the charms of touristy Rajasthan minus the chaos. Isn’t this thought too good to be true?

Well, this is Rajasthan you cannot expect any less.

Welcome to Bundi, a city in southern Rajasthan famous as the capital of an erstwhile princely estate.

This city has it all, palaces, forts, baoris and what not. And, that too without the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Lined by Brahmin blue houses, and sprinkled with temples, Bundi is the living epitome of beauty and grace.

You can enjoy its perks by sauntering in its painted alleyways that narrate the story of its rich past.

Did this place get you Learn about many such places here?

12. Take the temple trail in Pushkar


Rajasthani people are well known for their faiths and beliefs. So, there was no way we could have left out spiritual Pushkar from our Rajasthan off the beaten track list.

Famous as a spiritual sanctuary, Pushkar is every traveller’s ticket to Nirvana in Rajasthan.

It is, in fact, the only place on the planet where a temple solely dedicated to Lord Brahma (Creator from the trinity) even exists.

This town is surrounded by a lot of myths and religious history, making it another place worth adding to your itinerary.

Wait, there is more! Pushkar is also famous for its Pushkar camel fair.

A festival where camels along with other livestock are traded.

This extravaganza takes place during the winter months, so, if you happen to be around, don’t miss it for the world.

Want to know what an itinerary around this fair looks like? There you go!

13. Follow the tiger pugmarks in Sawai Madhopur

Rajasthan is often defined by its lofty fort cities.

Little do people know that there is nothing more royal about Rajasthan than the very encounter with the Great Bengal Tiger.

You may have done many safaris in your life and there is a possibility that you may have spotted a tiger in the past.

However, there is nothing even remotely compared to the experience you’ll have in Sawai Madhopur.

That’s because this town puts a monochrome filter over your whole safari experience.

This is not only unique, but it also makes tiger spotting quite easy for avid wildlife lovers.

In Sawai Madhopur, you get to see some historical landmarks on the backseat of your gipsies.

Among which, right at the centre of this wild jungle scrub is the 10th century Ranthambore Fort.

Around it are many historical temples, mosques and Chhatris sprinkled unevenly.

To get a hold of its vibe, read more on Sawai Madhopur now!

14. Add a pinch of enigma to your travel at Abhaneri

Last but not least we have the destination that brims with architectural prowess.

Abhaneri is a hamlet between Jaipur and Agra.

Home to a plethora of early medieval structures, this village is what everyone signed up for while choosing Rajasthan on their bucket list.

This “village of happiness” is widely famous for its Harsha Mata Temple and Chand Baori.

Where on one hand Harsha Mata Temple (Temple of the Goddess of Happiness) is a 10th-century shrine in ruins, on the other Chand Baori is a step well that’s still alive and kicking.

In fact, this fortified step-well is one of the largest and biggest step-wells in India.

Plus, to say the least, the first and last of its kind. It’s 20 m deep with 13 levels. And despite its size, it is still intricately carved giving its travelers a visual avalanche .

Hello there! We think we were successful in grabbing your attention with this blog. This also means that you really want to take the road less traveled in Rajasthan. So, if you liked any of our Rajasthan off the beaten track destinations, request a quote right away to know how you can craft a trip around it.

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