Do you have the nerves of steel and the eye of a true artist? Then, pamper your adventure loving heart by putting your adrenaline to its full throttle on a bedazzling Spiti Valley motorcycle trip.

Spiti Valley is the heart and soul of Himachal Pradesh. It is hands down one of the best tourist places to visit in 2020. Moreover, this quintessential mobile beauty is the window to life in the Himalayas. The chores, the lifestyle, the landscapes, and the food surprisingly enough add a sense of belonging to all the roads trips in Spiti Valley.

There are endless permutations and combinations you can apply to your Spiti Valley Motorcycle adventure travel. Moreover, they may range from the number of days to the elevation you want to travel. For us, we have our top five sorted. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do, so start reading it already!



Manali-Banjar Valley-Shoja-Sangla- Kalpa-Kaza-Kibber-Langza Village-Kaza-Chandratal-Manali

8 nights 9 days

Total distance: 612 km


  1. Bask in the glory of the rugged terrains of Banjar Valley.
  2. Experience what it is like to be driven by adrenaline while driving through high altitude passes.
  3. Enjoy the scenic pleasures of the lake that changes colors at an elevation of 1440 m.
  4. Treat yourself with culturally rich homestays at Kaza.
  5. Enjoy the rustic beauty and village life of the very mystic Shoja, Sarhan, and Sangla.


Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla-Sarahan-Sangla-Kalpa-Tabo-Kaza-Chandratal Lake-Manali 
11 nights – 12 days
Total distance: 612 km

  1. Dig into the lip-smacking delicacies that completely justify the amazing taste palette of North India.
  2. Graciously sprinkle wanderlust to your Spiti motorbike tour with the small town bargains and wonderful views of the Himalayas.
  3. Motor your way to the highest motorable village of India.
  4. Reach out for the highest post office of all time on your intrepid escapade to Spiti Valley.
  5. Folk tales retold! Learn about the secrets of the simple lifestyle of the high altitude villages in Himachal Pradesh.



8 nights-9 days

Total distance: 1167 km


  • Bask in the glory of the sparkling waters of the Nako Lake.
  • Also, enjoy the fun and frolic of sleeping under a thousand stars at Chandratal Lake.
  • Drench in the pleasures of off-roading through the very scenic Indo-Tibetan highways.
  • Pamper your inner spiritual being at the biggest monastery in Spiti.
  • Revel in the magic of the ancient age-old Tibetan culture at Key.



14 nights-15 days

Total distance: 734.6 km


  • Start your adventure trip to Spiti with the treasures of colonial architecture at Shimla.
  • Treat your inner gastronome with Manali’s gourmet platter.
  • Let Buddhism guide your way through Sarahan and Sangla.
  • Be true to yourself at of the oldest inhabited Tabo monastery.
  • Set your inner adventure fanatic free while mountaineering in Kaza.


Manali-Chandratal-Kaza-Pin Valley National Park-Tabo-Dhankar Gompa-Tabo-Nako Village-Kalpa-Sangla-Manali

10 nights-11 days

Total distance: 1km


  • Start off your trip with some spiritual cleansing at the temples and monasteries of Manali.
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of Spiti River by the largest township and commercial center of this terrain.
  • Visit the largest and oldest monasteries of the cold desert of India.
  • Fetch some exotic fruits at the sleepy village of Nako.
  • Live in camps and trek to the hidden gems of the Himalayas.
  • Best time to take Spiti Valley motorcycle tour 2019: July- September

  • Digging deeper into the top destinations:

New Delhi - Apex of everything in India

If you happen to be a gadabout and a shopaholic by heart, New Delhi is the place for you. Moreover, the chaotic and busy streets of this city have a million stories draped behind the layered curtains of culture. However, those who are lucky, find themselves surrounded with it in whichever direction they pan. Others do have to dig in a little deeper. Connect to its root to reach the depth of the culture in India here. Enjoy!

Merry streets of Manali

Manali is a famous gateway for skiing in Himachal Pradesh. It offers the right portion of beauty to bewitch travelers on this adventure tour!

It is no biggie to state that it is one of the top reasons to visit India. Why? Well, that’s because it is the perfect hub to experience the cultural fusion that exists in the country.  Plus, the bonus of getting to stay in the cradle of the Himalayas is always amazing, isn’t it?

Furthermore, people believe it is a magical place and we do not think differently. All you have to do is admire every bit of its mojo. There is no better way to do it!

Spirituality Sarahan

Sarahan breathes in serenity. And with the shrine of the infinite source of energy, Shakti Peeth it oozes positivity.

It’s difficult to decide whether to take its religious ride initially or enjoy the taste of its luscious fruits first. However, what actually stay most adherent to its identity is its nature’s bounty and the blessing of the Sutlej River.

Shepherd of Spirit's soul- Shimla

Shimla sits enchantingly within the trails of its toy train. Contrastingly, little do people know that it has a limitless expanse in the sky of tourism.

Furthermore, as a hill town housing history, Shimla never fails to astonish its visitors. Especially with all its travel opportunities. Be it the museums, the temples, the churches, and even the adventurous activities, everything here keep you on your feet. And, killing time is apparently not a thing here in Shimla. Isn’t that great news already!

Kaza Calling!

Kaza is the archetypical Himalayan heaven. And, it is known for its colorful festivals and ancient Sakya Tangyud Monastery. Moreover, it adds an unusual rural flavor to a traveler’s appetite. Tangy to be precise!

It decks the trip with some scenic marvels that shines the most after dawn. However, whenever you hear the world Kaza, don’t perceive it will be all be about its panoramic views. Instead, it will say more about trekking, mountaineering, and sight-seeing for the rest of the valley.  Didn’t see that coming, huh?

Untamed Kibber

Kibber in Himachal Pradesh is a village where spirituality finds its home.  Famous for a number of treks, this unspoiled land is the perfect place for wildlife spotting in India. So, whether you are in the mood for catching a glimpse of the Himalayan blue sheep, ibex, snow leopard or not, missing the village’s hospitality will anytime be a bummer.

Placid Keylong or Kyelang

If you think Keylong is just another destination on the Spiti Valley expedition, then let’s stop you right there. Why? That’s because it is, in fact, very famous or its Buddhist establishment which includes the very blissful Khardong Monastery. But that’s not all,  as it is equally famous as pit spot for many Lahaul and Spiti tours.

Tantalizing Tabo Village

Ancient architecture and somberness were never seen in such high spirits if it wasn’t for Tabo village. This barren land inhabited by a sparse population in the Spiti Valley calls out for curious masses that are conflicted from within.

The village rejoices with the enunciations of Buddhist hymns while introducing the world to the oldest inhabited UNESCO World Heritage siteTabo monastery. Moreover, there are caves, gompas, Buddhist stupas and deep-rooted traditions lingering from every nook and cranny here. Are you someone who loves a blissful encounter with nature? Then, your search ends here.

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Charismatic Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake always comes as a surprise. It is a blissful lake that changes colors during different times of the day. Still, what it is most known for is its stupefying sunrise and sunset views.

Chandratal is a definitely a bucket list item for everyone who wishes to travel to Spiti India. If it is yours too, then you will love to know that it has spiritual relevance with the Hindu mythology. Isn’t that amazing?

Secluded Kalpa

Along the rugged topography of the wonderful Spiti Valley lies another benevolent estate Kalpa. Surprisingly enough, it is actually best known for its apple orchards.

Bordered by Chilgoza forests and adorned by winding mountain roads, Kalpa’s picturesque landscape very well compliments its quaint aesthetics. It gives off lazy mountain vibes and life seems to be at a halt at this terrain. At the same time, the sight of Shivalik Mountain changing hues during the day keeps the journey alive and kicking.

Shoja – Shining with serenity

The splendor of lush green topography and snow-capped mountains are always stunning. Shoja offers pretty much it in the best way possible. That too without the price of having to deal with the hefty crowds.

Being the part of Himalayan National Parks, Shoja accords many natural wonders that are quite rare on this topography. Furthermore, some of its top tourist attractions here are Waterfall point, Raghupur Fort, Jalori Pass, and Tirthan Valley.

Whimsical Nako

Nako seems pretty confined geographically but it is quite a biggie in terms of travel assortments. Moreover, with a sparkling blue lake, an age-old monastery and many rural treasures, Nako is a blessing. Especially when you wish to escape from the tentacles of technology. The simplicity of the locals elevates the beauty of this destination, making it one of the most jarring landscapes of India.

Irresistible Sangla

If adventure in India is to be experienced in the rawest form possible hands down it has to be in Sangla. However, it isn’t the only thing that makes the village famous. In fact, the hamlet is also known for its 800-year-old Kamru Fort and the last village in Indo-Tibetan border Chitkul.

As much enticing as it sounds, visiting Sangla in real life is a different story altogether. Moreover, the facilities are very basic here, but the food and ambiance make up very well for everything else.

The highest Komik Village

Come visit the highest motorable monastery that houses the Maitreya Buddha (or future Buddha) at Komik. Fall in love with the hills and the cold desert while dancing with the Lamas. Moreover, this charismatic terrain that’s famous among adventure buffs for n-number of treks is also famous as the highest village in Asia.

Furthermore, surrounded by snowclad mountains, the landscape here offers everything. From breathtaking views to a unique flavor of the culture, there wont be a shortage of anything here. Definitely what a true travel heart love and admires, isn’t it?

Things to carry on Spiti Valley motorcycle tour 2019:

  1. Winter wear.
  2. Sunscreen.
  3. Camera.
  4. Basic medication.
  5. Thermals.
  6. Casual, comfortable clothing.
  7. Rain gears.
  8. Bike Riding Gloves.
  9. Shoes suitable for both hiking and biking.
  10. Nylon ropes.
  11. Water Bottles.
  12. Headlamp and a spare set of batteries.

Exclusive tips for the seekers of Spiti Valley motorcycle tour 2019

We have already talked about 20 essentials tip for travel in India in our previous blogs. Moreover, Spiti, in general, has a different set of do’s and don’ts. Some of which are essential to follow on a bike trip to Spiti. So, here you go!

  1. Getting to Spiti is always a task. Why? Well, that’s because there are two major routes, one passing through Manali and another through Shimla. Furthermore, the Manali trail is shorter than the Shimla route, it is more dangerous and steep. So, ideally traveling from Shimla is the safest option.
  2. Your body will take time to assimilate with the temperature. So, do not travel to high altitude destinations right away because doing so can cause serious mountain sickness.
  3. Expect bad road conditions and go easy on your journey. But don’t rush just enjoy whatever comes your way.
  4. Stay in the monasteries for one of a kind experience. Furthermore, fooding and lodging will be on them at dirt cheap prices. So, it’s worth the shot you all!
  5. Drink garlic water or garlic soup whenever possible. Why? That’s because garlic makes the blood thinner. Furthermore, it regulates the oxygen intake of the body and decreases the chances of mountain sickness.

Don’t exert your body, please! Driving in plains or even in mild hilly terrains is very different from driving on the rugged routes of Spiti. So, just acknowledge this fact and move at a pace you can handle.

An engineer by education and writer by choice. She is a globetrotter with a pure desi heart. Her notion spree runs faster than a jet when she entangles herself with the thread of any culture. Her zeal for writing originates from her love for reading and trust us! She is a complete Potterhead.


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