Golden Triangle – Travel Trinity Of India Awaits!

Introduction to the Golden Triangle – Beyond the Words

Visit India at a glance and travel to the star destination of the nation in a trip filled with on -roading and off-roading experiences. Get the best of culture hues and bathe in the finesse of the beautifully crafted structures as a tribute to the plush heritage of this sanctuary.

Golden Triangle tour is the most amazing amalgam of architectural marvels, religious hubs and of course culture. This most widely popular trip of all wins hearts and love of travelers from around the globe. As the name suggests, this tour kick-start from Delhi and makes a travel triangle while featuring the Taj Mahal, the Golden temple, and palaces of Jaipur in the due course. Did that push your excitement buttons in any way? Yes? Well, then brace your heart because this excitement is just going to elevate the moment you will land in Delhi. So, are you up for that? Very well, then.



Best trips of Golden Triangle

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Highlights of Golden Triangle

Take a sneak peek inside the urban hub that is painted with historic hues in Delhi. Revel in the magic of Old Delhi charms and buzz of Chandni Chowk. Feel like a ‘Royal Mughal’ while strolling through the Maulana Azad tomb, and Jama Masjid. Still, not satisfied? Then, shop till your wallets drop at Kinari Bazaar, Dariba Kalan, and Paratha Wala Gali.
The best of golden triangle tour is one of the Seven Wonders of the World- the Taj Mahal! This epitome of love is an enchanting beauty that has verses of Holy Quran written all along its arches. This ivory marbled marvel and its four minarets can cast a spell of love on each of its visitors. Do you wish to sign up for that?
Enjoy a road trip that will tantalize you with its scenery inside and out. Drive through the narrows streets to the very busy as well as smooth highways of India. See the topography and colors of nature changing. If this isn’t worth your attention we wonder what is.
Take the golden triangle tour package India to travel to a city that is a perfect blend of the Mughal and Rajasthani architectures. Yes, it’s Jaipur we are talking about. This gateway to other tourist destination in Rajasthan is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites too.
Dive into the spiritual pool at Fatehpur Sikri – a building made of red sandstone that is a masterpiece of its own kind. This 16th-century edifice is a UNESCO World Heritage site that will leave you awestruck in seconds. Are you in for that?
The golden triangle tour itinerary bespeaks about its scrumptious meals of varying cultural background. Where on one hand you will find an amalgam of vivid cuisines in Delhi, on the other hand, Agra and Jaipur feature their traditional regional cuisine. Foodie or not, taking this tour for the mouth-watering food is just the right choice to make.
Visit the Amber Fort- a structure that displays romanticism through glorious architecture. But that’s not all! You can take an Elephant ride to the top of the hill in the Amber Fort. Isn’t it like an icing on the cake? Yes, it certainly is.


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